Portland Lunch 2.0 @ souk: An Event Review

Lunch 2.0 at souk

When: Wednesday, July 16th, 2008, 12:00 – 1:30, although I arrived about 15 minutes late due to pressing matters in the morning.

Where: souk, which not unlike most creative spaces around Portland, doesn’t have a big sign and can be hard to find.

What It’s About: Lunch 2.0 is an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and get in the beat of the vibrant Portland tech scene while enjoying free eats.

I attended 4 Lunches so far—at eROI, vidoop and Wieden+Kennedy. But this one felt more low key and intimate, thanks to smaller attendance (less than 100) and hits the right balance between sitting/standing (prior lunches were either mostly-standing or mostly-sitting, so conversations either moved very rapidly or slowly.)

“So when,” you ask, “is the next Lunch 2.0 going to be?”

Good question, because the answer to that is “we don’t know yet.”

Jake Kuramoto, the Lunch organizer, had been getting in conversations with several companies and venues that wants to sponsor the Lunch (one of them is The Art Institute of Portland, which I helped to plan.) Nothing is final yet.

But this means that you (or your company/agency/studio/space) could help maintain the momentum and sponsor the next lunch!

Translation: I wanted to put zero finger, but that would be breaking my own event review convention, wouldn’t it?

Interestingness: ☝ ☝ ☝ ☝ ☝
Translation: So you’ve been hearing so much about the Portland-tech-scene-this and Portland-tech-scene-that, but have been wondering about a good place to start? Well, wonder no more.

What I Learned From The Event In Six Words:
My lunch can beat your lunch.


4 thoughts on “Portland Lunch 2.0 @ souk: An Event Review

  1. dougcoleman says:

    This was my first lunch 2.0 and I was a little worried when I looked around and saw no Bram. Bram has been to every event I have been to lately. Being a newbie on the scene, I like to see friendly faces I recognize. I love his energy and he is always good for some great info. I’m glad he finally showed up.

  2. I know I’m doing something right in the “real space” networking arena when I run into Bram at Lunch 2.0 and he says “You and I are attending the same three events today!” He is EVERYWHERE. And so great to do the run-downs later for folks who couldn’t make it.

  3. Doug,

    Much thanks for the kind words! This happened to me, too. And now I’m not sure if I get more excited about the event itself, or the Tweeple friends and new people that I get to meet there 😉

    I’ll see you soon!

  4. Carri,

    Part of the reason why I’m doing these event reviews is so that people who aren’t into it will feel missed out and start attending.

    The other part is so that people who missed it (especially a longer one) can still get the gist of the event.

    See you soon!

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