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Cre8Camp Is For People Who Do It Because They Love It

I have a confession to make.

This post was originally titled “Why not everybody should attend Cre8Camp.” In it, I detailed how only creatives who are ready to embrace change and open their minds should attend this Saturday’s event. Under this premise, folks who like to boast that “my agency can beat your agency” under a sophisticated veneer should stay home.

As time went by, the post title was tweaked to “Why everybody should attend Cre8Camp.” The draft was reviewed as I thought about how open or closed this Saturday’s camp would be, to various audience and familiarity with the BarCamp model.

Then I read Rick Turoczy’s post this evening (wherein he declared his lunch sponsorship!).

Then I hit “Write New Post.”

This is the reason why.

I always thought that “Creative” and “Tech” were two different worlds: two landmasses that somehow needs to be bridged. I wrote about it. I talked about it to friends and people I met at various events: about how I wanted to “make creatives more open by introducing them to the vibrant, local tech community.”

It’s all good. But I was completely wrong.

If I want to help bring two communities together, I have to stop looking at their differences. I may even have to stop thinking of them as “two communities.”


Because we all love unusual challenges that would scare most people away. We enjoy inspiring conversations. We learn the most profound things from the most mundane places. We always have one or two side projects on our bags. We enjoy good food, good beans, and good drinks (preferrably local.) We work late. We sleep little. We believe that sparks can happen when a group of people meet together to work on something. We play hard. We spend every bit of our energy in producing great works.

And we do it all because we love it.

If you are that person, then you should attend Cre8Camp.

(Even if you can’t make it, I would still love to talk to you.)


3 thoughts on “Cre8Camp Is For People Who Do It Because They Love It

  1. it’s about time! we (humans) love to polarize, and fear what we don’t understand. the phrase “open source” sounds vaguely familiar to me and downright intimidating. but give me a 2 hour discussion on the beauty of bezier curves and i’m all hot and bothered. can’t wait for cre8tecamp!

    nice thoughts bram.

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  3. stevenwalling says:

    I think you’ve circled back to one of the fundamentals of Open Space: Whoever comes are the right people.

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