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Tweet: An Apple Alert Sound

Good afternoon,

Last night, when we worked on cleaning up the audio cutoffs from our Hazelnut Tech Talk Episode 8’s interview with Sarah Lacy, we made an Apple Alert Sound.

It came rather accidentally, when, in a desire to test just how well can Audacity’s “Remove Noise” filter works, we apply it to a small segment of the audio.

And now we can introduce to you: The Tweet Sound (right-click and direct download it.)

Instruction: (here’s Apple’s official instruction)

  • Go to Finder
  • Hit Apple+Shift+G or click on the menu “Go → Go To Folder…”
  • Type “~/Library/Sounds”
  • Drop the Tweet.aif file into the newly opened window.
  • Go to System Preferences → Sound

The Tweet Sound should be located on the bottom of the list.