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Get Nondistracting, Bite-Sized Inspirations With elements

If you’re a scatterbrained creative/tech mashup person like me, you probably spent over half of your workday trying to look for inspiration for your next project.

There are many sites with many pieces out there: FFFFOUND, design float and CommandShift3 are just three of many.

But what if you just want to get inspiration that won’t drive you crazy with distractions? This is where lunarr’s new product, elements, comes in.

Lunarr elements screenshot

“But, Bram,” you ask, “there is practically nothing on the interface!”

Exactly. elements offers you a space to curate and get inspiration without the distraction of lists, headers and pictures. It presents you with an image or quote, its URL source and four buttons.
‘Explore,’ to go to the next element.
‘I like it.’ to put the image in your favorite list.
‘Cast it,’ to broadcast your image to your friends.
‘Create,’ to add a new element.

Easy, right? Personally, I liked Lunarr because it allows me to, for just a few minutes every day, flash through numerous elements and freshen my mind. A tired or saturated brain shouldn’t be forced to think any harder, anyway (inspiration always strikes when you least think about it, right?)

But here’s a twist: what you like and cast to others, who you follow, and what they like and cast to you, will influence the pool of elements that you see. This means that your gallery is continually evolving. Its founder, Hideshi Hamaguchi, said:

“…it’s very soft. It’s very uncertain. And you can only see one image at a time.”

Elements is based on the Japanese concept of ichi-go, ichi-e (“one time, one meeting”) where, in the future, the app hopes to gather so many images and quotes that you’ll never have to see the same object twice.

This transience hasn’t been fully realized yet (I see many duplicates when I use it this morning, actually,) but it highlights the nature of services like DIGG: where articles rise-then-burrow, only to never be seen again.

Get your bite-sized inspiration at elements, then follow Hideshi, its founder.


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