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Coffee League Review: Cafe Delirium


308 N Main Ave
Gresham, OR 97030
(503) 666-2002


Top-40 pop played through a black Macbook located behind the counter. This is actually the first coffee shop I’ve been to in Portland Gresham (oops, this isn’t Portland) that does not feature indie rock music.

Ambient Noise

Medium-low. People are actually talking to and hang around each other, instead of coworking like we usually do. It’s a relief to see, actually.

Overall Ambience

Easy and non-distracting, perfect if you want to actually get work done and not be interrupted by the music.

Food Selection

Standard café fares: cookies, pastries, breads.


This is where Cafe Delirium excels. It has a space so big, it may actually be able to contain a large group of bandwidth-hungry, coworking tweeples and their family members—and still leave some room for chatters.

This cafe will comfortably seat 30 people.


Bigger than your average, inner-city located coffee shops.


Yes, and it’s blazing fast—partly because hardly anyone connects to the ’net.

Wireless Strength and Throughput

I’m clocking at 5Mbps/768Kbps. No port is blocked.

Electrical Plugs

Enough to power your laptop, your iPhone, and your iPhone’s iPhone.

Coffee Quality

This is where Cafe Delirium lacks. It’s good, but not great.

Coffee Choices

Mixed syrup drinks are abound, and you can get a “White Russian,” which they label as a coffee made with “White Mocha w/ Kahlua.”

Coffee Kick

I can hold my own for most of tonight’s #afterhours.

Comfy Chairs

Lounge-style seating, with plenty of comfy couches.


Heck, yeah. Bring your laptop, books and supporting materials. The table will likely suffice.


I was able to get a small Americano for $1.85 – this is marginally cheaper than the $2 that most places would charge for one.

Currency Formats

Cash, Card, no card limit.


Everyday until 9:00 pm.


None, sadly.


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  1. Awesome review. I’m getting prepared for round two this week.

    …after this review I might have to trek into the wilderness that is Gresham to check it out. 🙂

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