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Introducing The Coffee League Review Series

Good evening.

Several months ago, I wrote A Field Guide To Coffee Shops Around Northwest Portland, Particularly The Pearl District Neighborhood. This article garnered a lot of interest from our readers, that several of them contacted me about doing a serialized, decentralized coffee shop reviews. David Burn first took this initiative and started the Puddle Jumping Coffee Freaks flickr group.

I thought that a presentation like the PDX Coffee Shops wiki would be the best avenue to (pardon) serve this content, but realized that more personal reviews from individuals can only be captured via a blog post.

Adron B. Hall (@adronbh) resounded this idea about a week ago, made a more detailed metrics to analyze coffee shops by, and even volunteered to start a loosely series of post called “Coffee League Review.”

Why loose? Because anyone can join freely and start reviewing coffee shops in her own way. Just tag it with “Coffee League Review,” and you’re good to go.

The idea is this: one of us may have no time to review every coffee shop in Portland. But combine our writing skills together with our passion for coffee, and we could probably have a decently complete guide to coffee shops around Portland—be it in the wiki, or individual blogs.

(And I could’ve sworn that I wasn’t really into coffee until I started this whole coworking deal.)

So I’m looking forward to more caffeination. What about you?


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