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Side Project Spotlight: Not Your Garden Variety Software Review

Truism: Portland has a bustling creative and technology scene. Another truism: all of us seem to have a few (or, bless your heart, many) side projects that hangs around our hard drives and sketchbooks—the one that we work steadily on every afterhours. These are things we do for fun—not necessarily because we’re going to get rich out of it, but because we love it.

I have been very fortunate to take part in the ideation and development of some of these projects, so I thought, why not start another side project of my own to chronicle and spotlight all the side project that everyone is doing?

The reviews are going to be small, swift, and filled with feedbacks and conceptual suggestions—just like your side project.

Want your side project covered?

I believe that, no matter how little or insignificant it may seem, your side project always makes an amazing contribution to Portland—even if you’re not signed up for Silicon Florist’s $250,000 Geek Bat Signal Call (and you really should.)

In summary, I’m always on the lookout for your ideas, concepts and roughs. I want to get your side project whatever exposure and feedback it deserves to get. Bother me at, and let’s set something up.