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COLABORATORY 2009 Reporting Starts On July 10th

PAF Colaboratory Logo

Take 10 of the most driven advertising students in the country. Give them three different roles. Put them in an agency for two week for an extensive internship. Then repeat this process two more times.

I’m very excited to have another opportunity to cover PAF’s month-and-a-half experimental summer internship program, COLABORATORY. And like last year, I will be meeting some of the most amazing, hard working talents in the industry (propensity for drawing funny diagrams optional.)

Daily round ups will be served, reports will be written, interviews recorded and meetings live tweeted. Snarky commentary will be added whenever appropriate.

Are you ready?

Bram Pitoyo, COLABORATORY Round Up

COLABORATORY Round Up: Day 15, 16, 17 & 18

If I were you, I’d skip these blatant attempts at being a witty play-by-play commentator and subscribe to the pipe with all aggregated feeds in it.

Allison McKeever pits HMH and Ascentium in an agency amenities, culture and environment rumble.

Mason West clarifies the proper spelling and (multiple meanings) behind the word “COLABORATORY.”

Bryan Davidson talks about how the new “cool kids” are “devouring information and dispensing it to the average kids” and the relative merits of eating a plateful of thai food for lunch.

Christine Vo puts about one hundred business cards on the chopping block, got two of her new accounts closed, and figured out when the typical agency peak/slow times are.

Kim Karalekas printed the first iteration of her personal brand book, and found out that Kent Lewis received a Seth Godin action figure from a client.

Megan Nuttall talked about designing a plastic surgery website and made interior redesign plans for Fish Marketing—involving trap doors, pitless cherries and unicorns.

Bram Pitoyo, COLABORATORY Round Up, Links


Taking stock as our first intern move on
Mason West:

I don’t have any proof to point you to yet—it’s all stuff that’s gone on behind the scenes. But four weeks from now, I’ll be the first to blow the lid off their great work.

Vo + Karalekas = Trouble
Christine Vo:

It is 2AM and [we] have yet to even start. We’ve been quite occupied with other things which you can watch below.

Week two, last day roundup
Kim Karalekas:

Best advice of the day came from Leticia Kleinberg: The best way to get a job is to already have one – it’s like being in a relationship – you are so much more desirable when you’re taken…

The End of The Second Week
Allison McKeever:

[…] instead of the teams (Kiwi and Lattice) breaking apart for the entire six weeks to develop their own projects we thought it would be more beneficial to collaborate as one team and bust out the research.

And a short entry by Whitney Bard about yesterday’s group meeting at ID Branding.

Good night.

Bram Pitoyo, COLABORATORY Round Up, Links


My blogging last night
Christine Vo:

2:00PM – Got face time with Jessica – Online Community Manager to talk about ways to do online research and got an abundance collection of resources to go to do that. I felt like I learned a whole load of stuff that I should have had knowledge of through school.

Three shorter, light posts:

And one off-topic post that practically begs to be covered: Lost Dog Rave by Megan Nuttall—wherein she argued, upon seeing a lost dog poster:

I’m convinced it’s a secret rave invite that needs to be decoded.

Good night.

Bram Pitoyo, COLABORATORY Round Up, Links


Get Lucky in the Ad World
Megan Nuttall:

Leticia describes [that] being in the advertising industry [is] like dating.

Kiwi had its first meeting. Aww… by Bryan Davidson.

The interns make the program their own
Mason West:

Moving entirely on their own, the interns came to a consensus that it would be better to pool their resources while researching Sameunderneath, than to spend time and energy in redundant competition.

Things Happen
Heather Schwartz:

I could look at this situation in two ways… is the glass half empty or half full? And you know what, I’m a glass half full kind of girl.

CoLab week 2 realizations
Kim Karalekas:

[…] the one thing I continue to think about is the importance of finding the right match between individual and agency.

Good night.

Bram Pitoyo, COLABORATORY Round Up, Links

COLABORATORY Round Up: Day 7 And An Open Invitation To Beer And Blog

Almost nothing was happening by way of “serious” COLABORATORY writing this Sunday.

This, until Allison McKeever, one of the most prolific intern bloggers (disclosure: she is also one of our writers) decided to post pictures from ASCENTIUM, a review of Lattice’s first Friday work session and a research trip to the Sameunderneath store in Mississippi.

But let’s not forget that COLABORATORY had a bustling weekend scene.

Like Megan Nuttall’s “brief guide to Hillsboro” and Kim Karalekas’ dissertation on “Deb-isms.”

My hope is that you, dear readers, will subscribe to their excellent blogs and maybe buy them a beer at the next Beer and Blog.

On this note, I would like to extend an invitation for all COLAB folks to attend the said event and come chat with one of the most vibrant tech communities in the US.

Friday, 4 to 6 pm, at the Green Dragon Bistro & Brewpub (conveniently located a block away from Grand Central bowling lanes.)

But let’s make it interesting.

I will buy the first 2 COLABORATORY interns who show up at the venue any beverage of your choosing. You don’t even have to be 21 to show up. Of course, you may have to be prepared for the second, third or even fourth pints (that you will unfortunately have to pay yourself), because conversation with the most brilliant minds in Portland can be addicting.

I’ll see you all this Friday. Good night.

Bram Pitoyo, COLABORATORY Round Up, Links


Thoughts on improvement for COLAB
Allison McKeever:

Also, with eliminating the competitive aspect the intern’s have a chance to really get close to everyone rather than just their teammates. I think, without the competition, the overall quality of the final pieces could turn out to be more polished too.

Kiwi meeting at Henry V
Kim Karalekas:

Kiwi had our first official meeting today from 8:30 – 5:30 […]

Henry V – Friday Group COLABoration
Christine Vo:

There’s way too much to be typing 🙂

Here’s hoping that the team members will write longer posts next week! I would personally love to see their stories.