Bram Pitoyo, Christine Vo, Hermicar Gaxiola

Dear Bram + Hermi

I would like to CONGRATULATE both Bram Pitoyo and Hermicar Gaxiola upon their Graduation. These two were more than just my colleagues, they were amazing, amazing designers and had done spectacular things while attending the Art Institute of Portland. They never fail to amaze me and I cannot express how much I am honored to have had the opportunity to go through most of my education with them.  Thank you for everything you’ve done and again, congratulations guys and I look forward to seeing you two bloom into what you’ve worked so hard for. Good luck!

Christine Vo
CEO, Founder
cDesigner Graphics

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So lately I’ve been just randomly browsing websites and have come across some pretty amazing things. This post is for me to share those amazing finds. Enjoy!

In need of flowers to brighten up your home? Or perhaps, some handmade soap? Well Saipua has what you’re lookin’ for. Ok, so I was kind of kidding with the cheesy questions before, basically I love this place for the visuals. Their website is all about white space, but then again they are selling “clean.”

I love the flower arrangements and the photography. Yum.

Speaking of living spaces, this next one is my ideal living room. I love the colors, the comfy yet modern chairs, the fire place, all the books and not to mention the baby grand .. I am in love. Anyway, this lovely space belongs to Deborah Needleman, who is the editor-in-chief of the greatest magazine ever– Domino.

Alright, you’re gonna think I’m crazy but I also came across some really cute, just adorable, home gadgets/accents/whatever you call ’em. I can proudly say that I have one of those items (the doggie pillow), which Bram gave to me last year and I still haven’t put together.

I like the crazy/cool lamp shades, which came from this place called Squint in London, England. They not only have cool lamp shades but a really cool building and website. Someone else who must be mentioned for cool web design is Anthropologie. I love that store, except I can’t afford anything in there, but regardless still like lookin’. 😉

Ok, one last visually delicious photo that I will leave you with. The Cakegirls are my new found heros. I want cake now, to eat it and decorate it. I will be attempting this sometime soon, although it’s not going to be as pretty. Stay tuned for photos.

Well that pretty much it for me. Stay tuned for more. I guarantee there will be more. Promise.

Hermicar Gaxiola, Links

Spring Cleaning: Internet Bookmarks.

I finally sat down and looked through all my bookmarks. While i found some that I wondered “what in the world I was thinking of?” at the time of pressing “add to favorites,” I found others to be very cool sites which I had forgotten about.

What happens is I end up bookmarking pages that I find interesting or that I think I could use for future design inspiration but never end up using them, so they just sit there making my list longer and longer. But keeping this short, here are some sites that I dug out that you may find intresting:

Wallpaper! I don’t know why but i am fasinated by it. Not just it’s versitile design but the work that goes into producing it and it’s amazing history.

I don’t remember if Bram gave me this site, since it is an “about type” blog, but I find it interesting. However, at the moment, the new nameplate is quite interesting and … graphic.

This next one is another blog community but I just love it because of their logo, plus I know someone who’s name is Magnolia.

This next site, i don’t really know what to make of it, but I like it because of the pictures they have. Cory gave me this next page, and while I didn’t dig to deeply into it, I really like their flash animation with their logo.

Alright, so that’s pretty much it but before I go let me leave with this a litte something.