Bram Pitoyo, COLABORATORY Round Up

COLABORATORY Round Up: Day 15, 16, 17 & 18

If I were you, I’d skip these blatant attempts at being a witty play-by-play commentator and subscribe to the pipe with all aggregated feeds in it.

Allison McKeever pits HMH and Ascentium in an agency amenities, culture and environment rumble.

Mason West clarifies the proper spelling and (multiple meanings) behind the word “COLABORATORY.”

Bryan Davidson talks about how the new “cool kids” are “devouring information and dispensing it to the average kids” and the relative merits of eating a plateful of thai food for lunch.

Christine Vo puts about one hundred business cards on the chopping block, got two of her new accounts closed, and figured out when the typical agency peak/slow times are.

Kim Karalekas printed the first iteration of her personal brand book, and found out that Kent Lewis received a Seth Godin action figure from a client.

Megan Nuttall talked about designing a plastic surgery website and made interior redesign plans for Fish Marketing—involving trap doors, pitless cherries and unicorns.