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What’s New In Safari 4’s UI

The tab bar on the top (that, by the way, had inconsistent window color with the rest of OS X Leopard’s UI and doesn’t look good in Tiger, either) is replaced by one on the bottom.

Safari 4 Reverts Back To Bottom Tabs

Note the inclusion of the plus button on the right hand side of the bar to add a new tab.

Also note how similar it looks when compared to Firefox’s.

Safari 4 Tab Bar Is, Not Surprisingly, Similar To Firefox 3.6's

The RSS icon is updated to a bluish-grey color and matte look not dissimilar to OS X’s Graphite theme.

More Change Comes In The Form Of A New RSS Button

The loading indicator has taken a new look (it actually says “loading”). When the page first loads, it takes a dark blue appearance. This color fades to white when the page almost completes.

Safari 4 Loading Indicator Actually Says Loading

When The Page Almost Completes, The Loading Indicator Turns White

The default toolbar now changes to a minimalist set of tools: navigational (back and forward), spatial (address bar, add bookmark) and inquirial (search.)

Safari 4 Default Set For Its Toolbar Now Contains Less Tools

The Customize Toolbar menu itself (accessible through the View option) carries several new tools: show/hide Bookmarks bar, show/hide Downloads, and, most notably, one-click Web Inspector access.

Safari 4's Customize Toolbar Menu Brings One Click Access To Web Inspector

Did I Overlook Anything?

I probably did, because there are many other subtle changes in Safari 4 (smooth transitions on the loading indicator is one easily overlooked) so let me know if you found them!

Update: Here’s Something Else New

Safari 4 Has A Progress Bar While You Download A PDF File

Safari 4 now features a transparent progress bar that overlays while you’re waiting to view a PDF file.