Bram Pitoyo, Etc., Interlude, Presentation

Beer And Blog: How To Make Your Blog Read Better

UPDATE: The presentation is now available for viewing and download.

This Yesterday afternoon, Justin Kistner Direct Messaged me, saying that he had a spot open for tomorrow’s Beer and Blog. He then asked if I have a topic that I would like to share.

And I thought: typography for the web, of course

So if all goes well, tomorrow’s Beer And Blog presentation is going to cover best practices to make your blog read better. It’s going to be light on the technical and heavy on the tips (and visuals.) We’ll discuss simple things that you can do to improve legibility and readability.

What things? You know, like selecting the right typeface for the job and adjusting it accordingly. And, who knew, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about our reading behaviors, too.

The most subtle typographic difference can make your next great post read like butter.

Are you ready?