About Link En Fuego

Link En Fuego is a repository of arbitrarily random (and often useful) links that I found on my many web forays. The subject can range from Dada to dabberlocks, Dacron to ducksauceology.

FOREWARNING: if you can’t find a use for this site immediately, come back at 4 am—preferrably at your favorite hangover spot—before the big client meeting at 9, when you’re in need of some great ideas.

Christine, the blog’s other author, might have other reasons. What I’m completely sure of is that she is going to get a bike soon and we’re going to the trails one of these days.

Hermicar, my best friend—along with Marie, Jen and Tori—thinks the very nature of this blog is questionable at best—and thus is random and rather unpredictable—but in a good way. This gesture I will repay by constantly providing photography links that are vintage/lomo in nature that she will totally love.

Up until about a year ago, Bram Pitoyo had not considered riding a roller coaster to make a living a great idea. This all changed when Lynette Xanders inspired him to play in increasingly challenging ponds with likeminded, inspiring people. Actually, before that, his pioneering of BrashCreative sort of stamped the idea that ‘impossible = fun’, but the ‘riding a roller coaster’ bit has to wait for Wild Alchemy.

He now considered CoatesKokes to be a kind of haven, and that’s not only because they have an endless bowl of M&M (he doesn’t have a sweet tooth), but rather because he loved to work in a place that he can take part in building and growing.

His blog, Link En Fuego, used to be relevant. Now it serves as a kind of ‘Wunderkammer’ for the public, a source of inspiration for creatives, and an extension to his ever growing list of bookmark items.

He loves writing long headlines that convey idea, rather than short, vague sentence that is common in today’s web copywriting.

He believes in taking interest in even the most disparate fields of knowledge (by being a ‘sponge,’ as one of his colleague said one day) because they helped him to understand how the universe works.

Though all these statement alone can already be considered to be a kind of manifesto, his formally written one is available upon request.

Good night.

UPDATE: Hermicar is now one of Link En Fuego’s author. Cory Brubaker had joined earlier, with much cheers and salutations from the rest of the blogosphere.

UPDATE #2: Christine hasn’t gotten around to buying a bike yet, but Hermicar has—and a good one, too. I had also been steadily imploring the three authors to write more entries for Link En Fuego, the effect of which remains to be seen fully.

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